Jawma, a stupid judge, 6.7 million and 13 billion shillings mathematics …

March 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Seated on the bus of “The University of Understanding“, former NSSF boss, Jamwa, cut a rather bizarre figure. The scene seemed like an abomination to common sense. Though looking smug, the last thing on his mind was the tortuous life of prison (gay-sex, horrible food and eye-hurting colored convict uniforms); that life was not for him. As he peered out of the bus window, he was reassured that this was just a show for the press and public. Behind the scenes, everything was sorted.

For presiding over the loss, or more correctly the theft, of 13 billion shillings, his penance would ride a ride of shame in infamous bus to Luzira, to do 14 years in jail, or pay-up pocket change of 6.7 million shillings.

The ratio of what he and his cohorts to the fine he pays is a staggering 722!

Let we all know that many Ugandans unwillingly remit part of their meager earnings to NSSF. So unpopular is NSSF’s pansy scheme that they have to resort to threat of legal action to prompt people to subscribe. The average Ugandan civil servant makes about 18 million shillings each year. What Jamwa and his band of mafioso (group of about 3 hyenas) took factors what the typical Ugandan earns by 722! Dividing the loot by four, each thug walks away with about 4 billion shillings. That figure divided by 18 million is 222.

So to help this sorry excuse of a judge with the maths, Jamwa walked away with money worth 222 years! Since the average economically active Ugandan has about 30 years to make his wealth, we trim 222 years down to 192 years. So Mr. Judge, for earning about billion, Jamwa should be staring down 192 years at the reputable University of Understanding.

Mr. Judge, you sentence therefore turns justice into a farce.


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