Do you SLEEP at night Mr. Kale Kayihura???

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is it! I have reached breaking point. Another policeman’s bullet has snapped off the life of another innocent citizen. Yes innocent because he/she was only 4 years old. His/her crime was being at the wrong place and the right time. Yes right time!

The Uganda Police is fast looking like an official murder squad than a protector of the law. So am asking the IGP, Kale Kayihura, to issue a clarification statement on what his organization really is:

One: Is it acceptable and sensible for Police officers to use AK-47s when the crowd they are confronting have no guns? You may reply that you can’t take that for granted but then I will reply: Tell me of an incident when Police exchanged gunfire with the crowds. Mr. (sorry Maj. Kayihura) Police in Europe face more rowdy and brave youths every year. All they normally posses are glass shields and batons. But how often do you hear a policeman/woman shot a protestor dead in Europe? Tell me Major. Tell me! On the rare occasions a protestor is shot, an inquest is done and if found that the officer in charge acted upper-handily, he is prosecuted. Mr. Kayihura, we are Ugandans (not wild game), not by choice but by virtue of natural fate; so are you.

Two: From previous personal brushes with Ugandan police, I now know they hardly know anything about the laws of Uganda. These guys cannot execute independent assessment of what is law and not law.  The “law” they know is panda gari. Amin would be proud of them. So it brings me to asking: What is your lower threshold of recruitment, other than brawn? Mr. Inspector, do you give your boys crash lessons on what the, repetitively raped, constitution of Uganda says? If you don’t, you have to admit that you are manning a trigger -happy militia, rather than a body to protect the rights of Ugandan citizens.

Three: To the Ugandan public and media, at this rate of police brutality, we have to start publishing the identity of every guilty police officer, alongside that of his/her victim. By doing that, we will alienate the cushion of collective responsibility ,that they enjoy, and thrust the burden guilt to each perpetrator. They will never be prosecuted but the currency of that responsibility will follow them all their lives; all because they decided to let better judgment take a backseat!

Lastly: Why don’t you, Mr. IGP, seem bothered by the desperate situation of the Uganda Police? It only takes looking at a police building in Uganda to know it is semi-broken institution. The old buildings are the silent voices of your boys who don’t have the balls to speak out; yet they let out their brawn, teargas and bullets mercilessly at protesting Ugandans. I know that you agree with almost everything I have said but you too have to take orders. But when you go back home to sleep (depends on how tainted your conscience is already), are you at peace with yourself? Is one man’s apparent self-aggrandizement worth the labours of your lifetime; especially because you know what your profession demands of you? Will you genuinely believe your children tell you that they are proud of you? Am not asking you to do much: JUST MASTER THE COURAGE TO TELL THE EMPEROR THAT HE IS NAKED!


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