Africa is a like a containment kraal for the vestiges of the human evolution story.

April 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

In the last two or three years, I have been wondering, occasionally that is, why a lot of pain and suffering in Africa almost goes unnoticed by the rest of the world. Some readers will say: that’s a no-brainer, because Africa is just a business and political pawn to the rest of the world; and the pieces are set just perfectly in their quest for checkmate. I agree; even to the no-brainer part. But I also know that when the collective conscious of statehood is lifted, each and every individual who plays the political chess game, with Africa as a mere sacrificial pawn, wonders about the suffering of the African people and certainly feels compassion towards them. It’s called the humanity in all of us! That’s the way God/Allah made us. You can’t run from it unless you are psychopath.

So, if the players of this chess game are humans with humanity, then you have to wonder why no world power will call an African leader to order when he starts raping the civil rights and coffers of his fellow countrymen. As far I know, if the US or UK or EU or even the already emerged Asian tiger, China – not that they care less about human rights – , wish, they can call an errant African leader to order and he would certainly fall into line; else his tiny-weenie life gets on the line. Who does not know about the geographic precision of a Tomahawk missile? Simply assuring Mr. Mugabe, for instance, that the coordinates of his State mansions and private property have all been pre-programmed onto the computers of a couple Tomahawks would eliminate any illusions he has about being untouchable (unbwoggable in East Africa); or even the occasional belief in his immortality. You don’t have to be in Zimbabwe to know that Mugabe’s ogre-like brutality has unleashed lots of terror in that once breadbasket in Southern Africa. Likewise, you don’t have to know more than the definition of the word “democracy” and it’s relation to the pragmatic logic of “term limits” to know that Museveni (Uganda), Biya (Cameroun), Jameh (Gambia) and many more are doing more harm than good by sinking their teeth deeper into the pantry of state power. I believe just a growl from a world power would make these African tyrants fumble to order. Some of you will say: where does that leave the sovereignty of these banana republics? My answer: would an everyday African, whiplashed by his fellow African (President) choose sovereignty over good governance which translates to respect for civil liberty and opportunity? Certainly not me!

So then why is the rest of the world impassive to the self afflicted sufferings of the Dark Continent? The answer lies within the question: Africa is a Dark Continent comprised of “dark” humans. “It’s a jungle out there“, is a common phrase you here in the Western world! The situation is comparable to the lives of the beasts in the breathtaking savannas of the continents; animal law of birth, survival and ultimately death – however savage and revolting it is! A beautiful natural story of nature.

So this is how I look at it: Africa is a kraal, manned by our own Presidents, to confine the “uncivilized vestiges” of human evolution away from the rest of the world. This is the apparent silent agreement that the West has with our oppressor leaders. In the deal room, it may sound like this:

You can do whatever you want with your people but give me what I want (named resources), and make sure those animals don’t flood into our spaces. Occasionally for PR purposes, I may call you to book and give escapees of your brutality asylum. But don’t mind; it’s business.”

The West is certainly not to blame because for the inhumanity of our leaders. It probably astounds them that African leaders can be alarmingly pathologically indifferent to the sufferings of their own kind. Some suppressed theories they habour about the comparatively higher quotient of homo-sapien savagery of Africans maybe warrant more acknowledgement perhaps.

As I wind this up, I throw this to the everyday African. It’s upon us to clean up our house because our internal suffering is quite strategically beneficial, and amusing, to the on-lookers standing outside the aquarium. The power of the presidency should be demystified and the army should be repositioned to look at our detractors outside the aquarium instead of test-firing foreign made weaponry onto their own folk. If we do that, then the rest world can honestly believe we are just as good as they are.


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  • Thank you for the post. I do believe all of the concepts you’ve offered in your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for starters. May just you please prolong them a bit from next time?

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