The Sexual Dilemma of the Modern Kampala Woman

August 2, 2011 § 7 Comments

“Corporate” is a word on the lips of every Kampalan who wants to appear intellectually suave these days! Not only is the word so misused, I think it is a word heavily masturbated with! How about that for an introduction???

Now let’s get on with the point of today’s post: The modern Kampala woman! Or as they prefer to be called, “corporate” babes/women/chics … whatever! Certainly there are many facets about being a corporate woman in this dusty city. However I will only be delving into a phenomenon which I call the sexual dilemma of these women.  Sometime back, I read an article in a local newspaper that corporate women consider themselves sexually liberated a notch higher, than the conventional Kampala woman: who mildly flaunts her attributes but maintains a strict code of socially acceptable sexual behavior. Certainly, if and when we all hold microscopes and scan the socio-sexual realities of our inner circles, we see that socially acceptable sexual behavior is a myth: we know it! But as long as it stays stashed away in the closets of our social psyche, we are good.

So here comes in the sexually liberated corporate woman. She is financially independent: very true. She is bold: not sure about that. And the yes, she says she can have sex with as many men as she pleases. As a man, at first this appears as pretty revolting, but wait a minute; the idea sounds like music to bachelors experiencing a prime of testosterone! These women make passes at men they want and most of the time they get their catch. The unspoken agreement of such relationships is: am not in for a relationship. And certainly a guy who wants to quench an erection will say: be my guest!

After updating my knowledge of Kampala woman to version “Corporate”, I decided to embark on an experiment to measure the degree of sexual boldness of the modern Kampala woman. My working hypothesis was that these women are walking an illusion because deep down they are still conservative because the cultures they subscribe to demand that of them. So what did I really do? I approached one after the other; each time expressing my intention to have sex them. I made it clear all I wanted was sex; nothing more, nothing less. So the first one, a 33 year old, replied that she was up for it. Then I upped the pre-sex rhetoric. I told her I wanted to fuck her insane. I had substituted the word sex with fuck. Not so cool, for she apparently coiled but and told me I was probably not her match. I smiled in contention as replied her text message. Then I went on the second one, a lady at campus who confessed she was in for the money only. I said cool. So I sent her a barrage of sms’es telling her how I badly wanted to fuck her. She replied: whose daughter do you think I am? The magic word once again was replacing the word sex with fuck. Then I went on to the third one. From our initial conversation, I figured out she was a woman looking for sexual adventure outside her marriage. Once again I upped the erotic mumbo-jumbo and after about two days, she had changed her mind because I seemed sexually very uncouth! So I went on to woman number four. Gave her the same story: no-strings-attached sex. She said she hadn’t been there in a while (interpreted as screwing a younger man) but she was cool with the idea. So I asked how she preferred to be fucked. Then came the reply I was now familiar with. I don’t think we are compatible! Yes that answer. So I decided to test, a now evolving theory, that these sexually “liberated” women were stuck between sexual conservatism and total liberalization; by toning down the rhetoric.  I apologized if I had said anything offensive and pleaded for another chance. Her answer: okay, we are on again!

I have more similar stories but for the sake opening up the debate and keeping this posting short, I will conclude my abstract on this interesting topic. So in summary, modern Kampala women are out to get as much sex as they want and they will make the initial steps to get it. But they still want to be looked at as women and not sex objects! Generally, when she gets to realize that her advances are more than welcome and the man is willing to fuck, as opposed to having sex, then she coils back! There falls the “corporate blinds”!


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§ 7 Responses to The Sexual Dilemma of the Modern Kampala Woman

  • samantha boyd says:

    You were testing the 2 words not the corporate ladies…..When you said sex….it was sweet and understandable as in sleeping with a young man,adventure with no strings attached [Ladies wanted to see do they still attract as when they did when they were young nubile girls of the past age] but when you changed to fuckword became dirty and revulsion and smelt of prostitution and dirty money.[No one wants to have a dirty affair with a man however young he is-it conjures an image of a ruffian,uncouthed,savage and dirty act.

    • a70667 says:

      I agree with you to some extend. But I have tested the same idea with white women, who are presumably more sexually liberated. And it seems the more dirty the words were, the more they got turned on! Actually a white woman will tell you straight: I want to fuck you!

      But you are right about the word testing bit.

  • Its the actions that matter, however you call it. they are doing it. The Sexual Dilemma of the Modern Kampala Woman

  • kintu says:

    Add a facebook share button!

  • tzarkato says:

    hehehe…i like the angle of your research but i have come to learn a couple of things about women here in our ‘dusty city’ and maybe women in general. See, they like to subscribe to being lusty…and adventurous and most of the time…will ‘do you’ however, wherever even just for the sake of the thrill…or just to feel young again…the one thing they all have in common as you clearly have found is that they love to be treated with respect no matter how low they stoop…they want to be re-assured that they are still lovely…and women no matter how low they go…or how nasty they like it…hell, most women take offence to actually being ‘fucked’…they all prefer a little tenderness…what got me giggling was even a ‘lady of the night’ prefers a little tlc…she will surely give you a customer discount or a freebie….lol! Point is, when you went and changed the tone (it wasnt so much the word!) your ‘subjects’ felt reduced…and dint want the experience any more…for they felt that this experience would not gratify or justify the indulgence thereof…so, they turned you down…i bet you can re-interest all of them by a simple ‘sorry, i wasnt sure, i thought you were into that kinda thing…so which do you prefer…chocolate or strawberries in honey…later tonight?'(you might need to pocket you ego first)…or something to the effect…like i like to say…girls will be girls!! There falls the blinds…’coporate’ or otherwise!

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