I wish all Ladies were Nymphos …

August 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

How many men in here can say that 99% of the times they’ve had sex, it is the woman who initiated the action??? Hands up!!! Ummm, and the count is zero!!! Okay let’s make that 50% … still no hands! Rather absurd statistics if we are to believe anything the numerous sexperts tell us; that women equally love and crave for sex. So what prompt’s this idle musing of mine? I read an article in a UK daily, about a woman whose sex addiction would manifest in form of violence, probably if she didn’t get enough of a groin thumping. Now I certainly could do with such a woman because if I can remember, of all the times I have had sex in this short life of mine, I’ve had to virtually submit a written proposal for each tryst. Looks am not alone in this grey zone of amorous affection. Some time back, a married buddy told me that I will literally get down on my knees the day my wife (when I marry) refuses to open sesame. Haven’t been there yet but I already believe him.

So what is it with women and their apparent reluctance to share the responsibility, for once in a while, initiating the act we all supposedly love? Is it true that women who would consider being assertive sexually are drawn back by the possibility of being labeled nymphos??? In any case, I doubt many husbands and boyfriends would mind keeping the “secret”, if need be, that he’s got a nympho for a woman! Women, trust me that most men would be envious of a beer-buddy who says he doesn’t have to hustle and groan for a session in the bedroom. His mates would probably ask him if his woman has got sisters. The way I see it, when I woman decides to take a relationship to the “next level”, the two-way condiments of love should also be wholly extrapolated to that next level. Speaking as man, a relationship on the next level means that I don’t have to wonder where the next romp will come from and, when it will come. This however doesn’t seem to be the case because from personal experience, a man in a serious relationship can be in a state sex famine as the unattached roving bachelors in town! This is a big joke on the men who brave the relationship quagmire. Relationship experts say women want a “relationship and security”. Rarely do you hear them talk about what men want in the deal. But what we men want is the simple part of the deal, and our demands auger well with the ultimate essence of coupling up; sex, which at one point leads to babies. You see, I think that it was probably the most ingenious part of “intelligent design” that procreation was intimately attached to the thing men supposedly crave more than women: sex! Imagine that sex was as tiring as … let me see what …ummm … ploughing a garden with a mad ox all day, would the world’s population be 6 billion, and growing, today??? Would you, reading this article, probably be around??? I don’t think so.

Women may say physiological conditions normally deter them from romping as frequently as their men would want. To do a little math on that, let’s put one week each month for the menstrual period. That leaves another incredible three weeks! This over 75% of the time! So if your man wants to climb the “two mountains” 99% of the time, your 75% availability means that if you are willing and serious about sex in the relationship, you can chip in 50% of the time so that your fella’s workload can be reduced to 50%! Now many women will probably come out yell that they’ve got to work or study, besides taking care of the home (if she has already moved in), I will concede and drop another 5%. That still leaves a handsome 45% on your plate.

So as I end this, I will send out a plea to the ladies, on behalf of the lads, known and unknown to me, that: LADIES, YOU LOSE NOTHING IF YOU CALL YOUR MAN AT LUNCH HOUR AND SAY YOU WANT TO FUCK! I even harbor a theory that such proactive feminine sexuality is extra glue to a relationship. The adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his tummy is irrelevant in this era where sex sells!!!


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§ 4 Responses to I wish all Ladies were Nymphos …

  • kintu says:

    This is great piece……..But i think its mo of an african problem……African wives being the second 2 think…..

  • samantha boyd says:

    This a one way traffic road……just imagine up @ 6am prepare da kids for school till they are out ….get yourself ready for work while having all that OMWAMI wants is finnished…..@work till 4 pm get back home prepare supper …help with homework for the kids….tuck them ..catch up with the household requirements…BY THE TIME YOU HIT THE BED YOU ARE 1/2 DEAD ON YOUR FEET….AND THEN HIS HIGHNESS THE OMWAMI MAKES A PASS AT YOU……PURELY CATCH22 SITUATION.

    • a70667 says:

      Hahaha … well many husbands today could very well say that their workloads tires them enormously but none would pass up a romp. Truely. Besides many career women have house-helps these days, yet they still feign an “am tired” situation every time the fella wants to climb the two mountains. Better to give him the tired goods than to tempt him into an affair :). What do you say???

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