Dear. Prof. Mamdani

March 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

For starters, this may not be the way you want to be asked to put in your application for the post of VC of Makerere University; even more because the profile of this writer, and his works, read like the description of a brilliant whack-job. If that’s the case, my sincere apologies for that Professor, but I just have my own rough-edge way of doing the right thing. Of course I will be kicking myself in the butt if this ends up jeopardizing your silent moves, if any, to out-manoeuvre the unworthy professors presently slugging out in public for the top job at MAK. I swear I will step into the light, own up and plead with the powers that be that I was one that muddied up the waters for you.

Am mellowed by your distinguished academic trail. Now as someone who worships knowledge and thinks he is among the top echelon of the most enlightened in the banana republic, I usually don’t bow or acknowledge other’s academic feats that easy. Sometimes am wrong and sometimes am right and that’s the important thing. Makerere the way I look at it lacks a solid academic philosophy. It therefore baffles, alarms and annoys me that they dole out Doctorates of Philosophy in the first place! This is not surprising if one takes a critical look at the vast numbers of dons whose grey matter seem to be more excited by money and putting on airs! Dr. this … professor that … that sort of crap! I’ve walked the hallways of some the world’s top universities and am struck by how simple and down-to-earth those award winning and patent holding professors carry themselves. I particularly remember one who whose favourite wardrobe was denim and t-shirts … spoke as humbly as a street beggar yet decision makers sought a piece of his mind quite often!

Academics is not field one goes into if they want enrich themselves to the status of Lexus-driving elite. Rather it’s space for those whose minds simply won’t stop vibrating because of words such as: Why, How, What, When … As you can see, those musing have no direct relationship with a fat bank account. What’s worse, it also deprives one the opportunity to be wowed by the young puerile girls who straddle our university campuses. If in doubt, ask “Prof”. Barya, who unfortunately fell short, when he ended up taking one such hottie back for a tryst.

So last night, I got a eureka moment … out of the blue it the rammed into my head that PROF. MAHMOUD MAMDANI IS JUST THE PERFECT CANDIDATE THE JOB OF VC. I am still wondering why such an idea hasn’t come out yet in the public domain; well until now that is. You got all the qualifications … maybe the only questionable one would be your desire for the job actually. And if you say that’s the simple reason, I would be left scratching my head about why you came back to teach at MAK when Columbia and a host of other Ivy league colleagues have got the red carpet rolled out for you. Prof. you may not see it but you love this run down ivory tower. And that’s a beautiful coincidence because MAK needs you more. So wake tomorrow morning, brush your teeth and go to the powers that be and say you want to be MAK VC … you don’t even to carry your CV because you reputation precedes you. What’s more, no one is qualified enough to interview you … so if we are to be reasonable, MAK should spare tax-payers money and skip the interviews for VC, if there are any! I hope to see you whacking some solid academic philosophy back into Makerere … I wish you the best … don’t break my heart Prof.


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