The Day a Good Man entered a Den of Thieves …

November 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

It is said every man has his weakness, and that friends and foes alike look for what that is weakness in order to plug it or exploit it.

In the Kyambogo University, press-played drama, Prof. Ndiege’s relevant weakness emerges as his dismissive astuteness; rightfully so I must add! Any objective person who’s been following this fiasco by piecing together the tidbits of information will certainly come to the conclusion that Prof. Ndiege paid a price for deciding to do the right thing by foraging into enclaves of wrong things. He had no choice! Prof. Ndiege, it is clear, walked into a mafiosos’ den, as that it seems is what Kyambogo University has become. From the lines we’ve read in the press, it is clear that there is a well-wound web of thievery under the orchestration by top KU administration. Next, there is a structure of condoned incompetence which accords lecturers who desire such, a laissez affaire environment. It seems that these two emerging pictures is the unspoken contract between the thieving top brass and the incompetence staff.

The charges against Prof. Ndiege are hard to wrap around the mind. For instance: “He is rude … he usurped other’s powers”. This missing cardinal charge – typical of Uganda – stealing funds is missing! As the principal accounting officer of KU, it is sensibly within his right to probe deep if he thought anything was wrong. This he did by dipping his nose into the finance department. He also dipped his nose into the academic issues. What he found was a University in the state of what a university NOT should be! Of course as a newbie, it’s reasonable to assume he did not know how deep the rabbit hole ran. He had to keep his cards close to his chest as he planned the next move; a move which ultimately would result in dismissal and incrimination of many. But the mafioso, like they usually do, beat him to the game.

What’s very disappointing in all these is the failure, or intended reluctance, by government to investigate Prof. Ndiege’s claims in the same way they’ve “investigated” the charges against him.

Isn’t it odd that the Guild President, whose constituency is the largest at KU, is supportive of Prof. Ndiege???


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